For a while we've been waiting for Sony to reveal it's next-gen PSP. Engadget posted the breaking news yesterday and this indeed looks to be a winner (Dual camera's, 3G & Move). Check out the Engadget's full scope on this one (source Endgadget).


Maybe Lil' Wayne could pawn those pretty platinum fronts and chains... or even sell off half of Junior Mafia, I mean, Young Money. He could at least return Tricki Miraj's ass implants for some quick cash...

Maybe Jay-Z could release a special line of Knocawear that resembled something that someone would actually wear to an event beyond climbing out of the trunk of a tiny little clown car in the center of a Barnum & Baily Big Top Circus tent. If not that, he could sell some of the little Black kids that stitch the hoodies together into slavery.

Maybe Puffy, Didddy, Sean, or whatever name he's going by this year, could get off a few bottles of Ciroc and some Sean John underwears for a couple bucks. If not, I'm sure he could sign the last 10 girls he banged and create a light-skinneded Black girl supergroup that would pull in a couple million with their first platinum release...

Maybe Tricky Dick Ross could finally dig into those Swiss bank accounts and release a few stacks that he saved up during his many years of moving that white powder. Because he actually sold drugs, you know. While he was a corrections officer, at that. And his actual name is Rick Ross.

Maybe Dr. Dre could pull in those millions he's racked up since the release of "Detox", and -- oh wait, I mean since the release of his "Beats By Dre" headphones. If not that, he could at least helm an NWA tribute album featuring the long-lost members of the original Aftermath artist roster.

Speaking of Aftermath, maybe everyone's favorite White Boy could finally release those rap songs that Benzino and The Source exposed back in 2004. No one seemed to care back then that the the top profit from Black music was going to a White guy that was making rap songs with racist slurs and lyrics just a few years before, but maybe now the sheer novelty of it will get a little more attention.

It doesn't really matter who decides to step up and start throwing some money at the guy that virtually CREATED this culture that so many people profit from. It just needs to happen soon.

Respect the architect; it's bad enough that half of these dummies have no idea where this art came from, but the least they can do is provide some assistance for the Godfather of Hip Hop, the man, the myth, the one and only Kool Herc.

More information on Herc's situation and condition HERE.


Why can't we have a TV show in the USA that actually holds a REAL bboy battle instead of a cornball, watered-down, pseudo hip hop exploitation-fest? Thank you Super Chample!!!


Happy Unfamous Friday, readers!

We just gave Ellay Khule some love a couple weeks back; but at the artist's request, we had to floss this new heat for you as well. Enjoy!


"Come On Down!" is a heartwarming and hilarious documentary film about fans of the iconic game show, "The Price Is Right." This film is a pop culture love letter to America's longest-running game show and the quirky characters who have been called to "come on down!"

See more HERE.



It's been a while since we shared some fine, quality artwork with our readers. Check out Michigan's MERK ONE, dude has got some ridiculously amazing digital graff works...

Merk's got plenty more great pieces, as well as shirts and other random branded merchandise for sale, so definitely check him out HERE.


Here's a 2008 indie throwback from England-based band, Foals...


OOOOOOOOOOH!!! Oh snap! Oh snap! Yo, he got those Apple fanboys, dunny!! You got SERRRRRVED, Senor Jobs!!!


We just had to use the group name as the title on this one, which we rarely ever do -- but damn, ain't it a fresh name? Here's some secret footage from the Zzyzzxx blog of a recent Kurtis Blow / Mellow Man Ace show.

If you don't know after watching that, Zzyzzx is a group consisting hip hop legend Mellow Man Ace and his son Cazal. Melding new school flavor and style with old school sensibility and foundation, Zzyzzx exhibit the kind of chemistry that only family could share. Look for some amazing projects in the future - for instance, this banger from Mellow Man Ace featuring one of the best female MC's ever, Medusa:

Check the rest of the Zzyzzx diary HERE -- and just for the late bloomers that may still be scratching their heads, peep Mellow Man Ace's classic hit, "Mentirosa" below...


If you didn't catch it last week...

New episode of hilariousness from L.A.'s up-and-coming rap crew, The Fly Guys! Keep an eye on these kids, they're doing big things in the very near future...


Japanese Indie Rock is cool, and The Noodles are good at it.
Plus, Japanese girls with guitars are sexy.

Noodles ain't no new Jacks, either - Ayumi, Ikuno, and Yoko have produced 18 (count 'em) releases since 1996, proving a dedication far beyond rocking out just to get boys. Commonly referred to as Japan's best all-female rock outfit, Noodles have completed several US tours, as well as murdering appearances at popular US festivals like South By Southwest and CMJ.

Do yourself a favor and get more Noodles HERE.


Until now, graff artists were the only ones to battle on walls. These guys get down a little differently, armed with a lot more than aerosol cans and Meen Streeks...

This impressive short was created by Corridor Digital, using After Effects, Premiere, 3ds Max, and Rayfire. Check out more HERE.


Unfamous moves permanently to Fridays with C-Rag, aka Mr. CR of Project Blowed's notorious Eastside Badstads (aka the Easty Boyz).

Find more from CR right HERE


Two of the coolest guys in entertainment have a sit-down on the TBS couch.


Gotta throw a little pseudo-throwback down that we never got to in 2010. This band's been around for years, and still has yet to receive any real mainstream shine (aside from a few reality show licensing spots for their song "Can't Do That To Me"). That's cool though, we like them independent!

Support their hustle by purchasing their music, and visit them to say hello HERE.


More Android-powered tablet news as Toshiba jumps headfirst into the newfound tablet market...

So basically, you could waste your money on an iPad for the sheer sheep-herd mentality status points, or you could invest in a tablet that actually does everything that it should. The choice seems pretty obvious, here.


New bay heat from the OG Hobo Junction rep, Chop Black. This time around, the Stay Heated artist adds Philthy Rich to the melee, and the two trade verses over a bouncy club track.


A very interesting short documentary of Dr. Marten's boots, as they relate to the history of fashion in the music world.

This mini-doc follows Doc Marten's recent "50 Years of Dr. Marten's" compilation, which features new artist covers of popular music inspired by the movements that rocked the boots over the years. Check out the awesome album HERE.


This just in! The Juliets, an indie pop crew out of Detroit carry on the Motown tradition of good music with their self titled release, available via Bandcamp. Utilizing the "name your own price" model, they offer a well-rounded 12 tracks of heat as a nice introduction for fans of experimental and anti-mainstream music. Preview and/or download via the player below, and before you quote a price of "$0", PLEASE consider supporting those that work hard to continue the evolution of non-formulaic music!

Also check out the artsy lead video from the album, "This Just In" (directed by Kate McQueen).


Martin Luther King's address on the importance and impact of radio/music during the civil rights movement...

Take heed. Reconsider who's running "urban" radio, what their goals are and if they benefit you, and if they care about you, your people, and your struggle. Then, ask yourself why you continue to support someone that supports the further intellectual oppression and mental slavery of your people!

You'll never be free until you free yourself!


This guy's been around making dope songs for quite some time. Not understanding the premise of the music video, but it looks cool anyways. I would've loved to have seen the the animal character actually ripping some flows instead of just walking around the city, but hey.

Catch Pace Won's newest effort this year; The new album, "The Only Number That Matters is Won" , will feature guest appearances from Lee Scratch Perry and Snoop Dogg. This is real rap from the East that's well worth a few regular playlist additions.


This weekend's download-and-listen excursion comes all the way from America Junior, aka Canadia. Practical Stylist and producer Savilion put together a nice web release for weed heads to wrap their slow-moving brains around. While the raps on this project are fairly mediocre (not wack, but nothing memorable), the production is seriously hot. Savilion unleashes a slew of tracks and snippets that pay homage to hip hop's golden era of production, while complimenting the album's underlying "chronic" theme with some (Dr.) Dre-tinged west coast flavor.

Follow the link for a name-your-own-price download (which can mean free, but please support). To follow-up, we recommend that you check out more from Savilion HERE.


Here's a great mini-doc on a producer, MC, and artist that you should already know by now...


Now that "Still Sound" from Anacron's "The Facelift 2: Artofficial Attributes" has exposed us to the awesomeness of this guy/group/brand Toro Y Moi, we just had to scour the internet and delve a bit deeper into who this guy Chaz Bundick is. Here's what we found:


Guess who's back on track?

Cadillac has decided to re-enter the world of racing with the CTS-V Coupe series race car, which debuted early this week at the North American International Auto Show. With this speedster, Cadillac hopes to conquer the Sports Car Club of America World Challenge GT racing series for the 2011 season, which begins March 25-27 in St. Petersburg.

For all you concerned gear-heads: The CTS-V features Brembo brakes, a supercharged 6.2L V8 delivering 556 horsepower, and a magnetic ride control suspension that can read and react to the road at 1,000 times per second. In other words, this car will smoke your grandma's Hover-Round.


UNFAMOUS is a tribute to artists that are underground to the underground; those that have continued to thrive as true creators, focused on the evolution of originality.

Ellay Khule, aka The Rifleman, is undoubtedly one of the most influential, yet most overlooked pioneers of L.A.'s underground hip hop renaissance of the early 1990's. As a representative of the notorious Hip Hop Kclann and a key player in the solidification of the luminous Good Life movement, this rap heavyweight is known for his rapid-fire rhyme styles and classic L.A. "G" mentality.

Check out this classic footage of Riflemania running wild at The Good Life way back in 1994 (you know, the olden days).


Thank you Josh and Jimmy for bringing the ridiculousness to light... Brain-dead sheep everywhere fell all over themselves and eachother to follow this nonsense!


New from The Arcade Fire...

How can something so criminally uninteresting be so... well, INTERESTING? Watch for the short film from Arcade fire to get the whole scoop.


Could this possibly be the greatest moment ever to "hit" Facebook? All you internet thugs watch out, this kid's uncle is coming for you -- with a BELT!

Apparently, this kid's been playing the role as a "gangbanger" on his Facebook page, and uh-oh! Uncle Shirt-Free found out about it, and Uncle Shirt-Free don't play that! As you can see, the kid received a well-deserved and just tapping, but was also FORCED to post the video on his Facebook page for all his Web-Thuggin' homiez to observe! Applause, Uncle Shirt-Free, well done!

..and anyone crying about cruelty or abuse needs to shut the hell up, because kids today NEED more of this old school discipline!


This is real underground hip hop music. Live it, love it, SUPPORT it.


Rappers make mixtapes; Anacron, the artist's artist, creates remix albums.

Anacron delivers "The Facelift 2"; the second awesomely artistic experiment in his eclectic remix series. Miles beyond the typical hip-hop "mixtape," Anacron employs his talents as a producer, instrumentalist, rapper, and singer to morph 12 previously crafted tunes into completely evolved (and revolved) interpretations.

Expanding even further beyond the envelope set with his original "The Facelift" remix album, this 13-track follow up features not only original vocals and arrangements by Anacron, but also additional production and instrumentation from the hip hop renaissance artist. Bringing along a few friends to add to the fray, Anacron also welcomes both new and known underground/indie rap artists to this project, lending vocals to multiple tracks on the album, forming an even more well-rounded project than the first.

In an industry that has already twisted and misshapen the true meaning of what a mixtape is, Anacron has reformed and owned this mutation like none other. Completely rebuilding each song into a completely new interpretation, he has redefined the mixtape, and given birth to the remix album.

Listen to and/or download Anacron's "The Facelift 2: Artofficial Attributes" below.


Taking a trip back to laying back on the couch with this smooth mix from The Gallery's own DJ Mikecheck. Hear more of Mikecheck's blends and breaks for free HERE.


Lots of cellulite celluloid coming at you in 2011...

"I Am Number 4" February 2011

"Battle: Los Angeles" March 2011

"Sucker Punch" March 2011

"Super 8" June 2011


Something new from the west...

Crisp delivery, tight lyrics, amazing production, and clean video. Add B-Real from the legendary Cypress Hill to all of that, and it seems this young man may have a street-level hit on his hands!


DAMN! Another classic from our funny buddies J-Ruck and Mr. Mike at Be Yo Own Boss... These guys kept us laughing all last year, and I'm sure we can expect a lot more from them throughout 2011!!!


This rocker from Canadian band Metric will leave you breathless... or maybe just out of breath. Time to hit the treadmill, fatty.


Trailer for last year's most notorious global breaking event...

IBE is a mecca of the international breakdance scene, and any true dancer should make the pilgrimage to experience this event at least once in their lifetime.


Bishop Lamont is a name you've probably heard - He's done tons of work with numerous "big namers", but has also maintained an independent grind despite several short-stops on the industry side of the music world. We're hitting you with his newest vid, "Sadatay", referencing the classic Chris Rock helmed cult comedy "Pootie Tang"...

Extra props for featuring breakers and jerkers in the video, it's always a pleasure to see rappers that acknowledge that there are other forms and elements of hip hop.


This little trailer fell from a cloud... A Bboy named Cloud.

...and here's what prompted this attention for Cloud - the "making of" for a video he recently directed for some pop singer. I think her name is Emma-something? Anyways, Bboy Cloud is awesome.


Who is Himself?
Oh, you know; only one of the 5 original members of The Peanut Gallery.

As one of the forefathers of what The Gallery Network has become, Himself still represents the core values that were instilled as guidelines that served as the foundation of what we represent. Original in every way, creative and ground-breaking, Himself has forged through barriers of what is considered "standard" hip hop; and even to this day, defies what the label of "underground" hip hop has become.

Check Himself's new track featuring long-time associate Scarub of Afro Classics below, and get ready for the release of his new album, "Feel Like A Star".


Talk about EPIC! If you've ever wondered what happens when graff comes alive, this is it... This film will seriously leave you breathless.

This film was produced by five students from Gobelins school of image (Bastie Remi, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Nkondo, Nicholas and Jeremy Pegon Worst) as part of a traineeship at WIZZ Design.


Photobucket sucks, yo! We're switching to Picasa from now on for these lazy sassy Sundays...



Outkast's Big Boi and The Black Keys? This must be the most perfect way to ring in the new year. Listen and enjoy, this one is mixed heat from two of the most prolific artists to break into the mainstream barrier these days.


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