Typically, the "Wake Up" column brings the best in undiscovered hip hop, but The Gallery Network has never been closed to other musical formats. We appreciate great talent and creative originality, no matter what format it may come to us.

Don't sleep on this West Coast rooted new-school throwback group, referred to us by way of Gallery affiliates, The Out Crowd. Stedapol CC Watt, no matter how wacky the name may be, are the most perfect interpretation of a classic sound transposed into a modern display for the new millenium. Serving up a funky 1970's Blaxploitation car-chase feel, occasionally infused with Latin undertones, this small trio with a big sound have definitely got the "it" factor - expect big things from them in the future!

Check out Stedapol CC Watt on MYSPACE.


Free The Soul Shifter.

An excerpt from Free's solo DvD, "The Beautiful One Man Show"
Available HERE.


Works from one of the greatest living icons to ever tickle a canvas.


A Chicago based artist, Jesse Greene (aka Dense) is constantly pushing the boundaries of experimental and graff-based visual art styles. Making a name for himself is not an issue for Jesse; aside from sporting a cool hand on the graphics tip, he's also known for his stellar dance chops -

In fact, check out Big Dense's interpretive dance to Britney Spears' "Womanizer" below:

Get to know more about Jesse Greene HERE
Photography credits: KINGA.


Foreground / Background relationships by Stephanie Meiling.
Find more work by Stephanie HERE.


The Facelift is here.

Anacron's all-new venture into the world of "mixtape" and "street albums", this compilation combines the seasoned underground veteran trying his hand at the art of the "feature". Cameos are a commonality in the commercial world of mainstream music, so it's only fitting that Anacron chose to pull together an assortment of some of the biggest commercial hip hop entities, add some classic underground hip hop, a little bit of club flavor, and his own personal stamp.


"Bubonic" music video by the new dynamic duo, SPOTHYMN (Living Legends / Mystik Journeymen's Sunspot Jonz and Peanut Gallery / Netherworlds' Himself)

Bubonic was produced by our good friend, KRUSE.
You will slap yourself heartily if you sleep on this one.
Full album, "Everyday Bubble" coming sooooon!


Fresh to the internet!

After receiving a solid amount of extremely positive feedback, Anacron has released an accompanying visual for his in-depth rendition of the controversial Jay-Z single, "D.O.A. (Danglin' Offa Anacron's...)" The accompanying video can be viewed in high quality on The Gallery Network's Vimeo channel, and of course, on YouTube. Please take a moment to watch, listen, and critique Anacron's induction into the short list of quotable new hip hop music:

Anacron - "D.O.A. (Danglin' Offa Anacron's...) VIMEO
Anacron - "D.O.A. (Danglin' Offa Anacron's...) YOUTUBE

This beauty of a visual was conceptualized by Jay Sabur of The Peanut Gallery, produced by Dana Anderson of Concrete Runway, and directed by up-and-coming film maker Zubaer Khan. Feel free to link and share!

Take this as an early warning; "D.O.A. (Danglin' Offa Anacron's...)" appears on Anacron's all-new mixtape-album, "The Facelift", which will be available for free download at www.AnacronMusic.com next Tuesday, October 6. "The Facelift" is a 12-song excursion into the many sub-genres of hip hop, each track pairing Anacron's rapping and singing talents with major players like Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy, E-40, Whitney Houston, Lil' Jon, and more!

DJ's: Download the high-quality MP3 version of "D.O.A. (Danglin' Offa Anacron's...) at http://tinyurl.com/anacronDOA



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