So with the New Years weekend action approaching, there will be lots of police activity on the streets after dark, making lots of traffic stops in anticipation of catching drunk drivers. Here are a few tips on how to handle yourself during these stops, as to not have any problems with your city's law "enforcement":

Hilarious, yest wise words from Mr. Rock! Seriously, though...

It's an amazing shame that police brutality and abuse of power is still shockingly prevalent in today's law enforcement system, and that most of these officers still get away with no more than a slap on the wrist when actually convicted of this unjust abuse of power. Check out the demographic below, exposing some shocking facts about the actions of these "public servants".


Snoop Dogg featuring Marty James of One Block Radius, our friends from the bay!


Before we bring in the new year, let's take a look back at one of the most amazing, skilled, impressive, and just kicks to the mouth in 2010 -- and ever in history, for that matter...

Anthony Pettis delivered an awesome glitch-in-the-matrix-style kick to the regularly smack-talking mouth of Ben Henderson during the last round of a title fight a couple of weeks ago. Launching from the mat on his left side to wall-walk the fence AND deliver the kick to Henderson's smug face on his right side, Pettis surely ended that fight with a gravity-defying bang.

Good thing Henderson has that gay-ass little ponytail, it may have cushioned his fall a bit. Ouch! I know he's embarrassed!!!


Indicah, a group collaboration between Daz and Aaron Brokenshire dropped this track a couple months back. This is obviously a huge deviation from what we usually get out of Daz, but the message alone is enough to pay homage to the exes that didn't deserve your time, your money, or your love.

Anyone that ended a serious relationship this year can probably relate to this one -- after you get over feeling bad about it, you usually realize how wack it really was from the start, and sometimes being alone is a far better option than what you thought you had.

Who knew that Dr. Phillinger could get so deep?!


Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean we got to let go of that Christmas cheer!

A special X-Mas wish from everyone's favorite Snowmen, Rick "Christmas Cop" Ross, and Young "Frosty The Snowman" Jeezy; courtesy of our hilarious friends J Ruck and Mike over at BYOB Entertainment!


Can't live with 'em, can't leave 'em in a ditch.

Something about the "fairer" sex from Ab-Liva and his new road-dog iCan, featuring Re-Up Gang OG, Malice of The Clipse. This is one of those tracks that makes you look back at your past boo's and wonder "why the hell..." This track is one of many heaters featured on the Ab-Liva iCan EP, "Yen, Euro, Dollar"; downloadable HERE.

Directed by Mark Garcia and featuring the beautiful Chelsea.


Peanut Gallery member, MC, and globally-recognized artist Christophe Roberts (aka Perv One) makes a triumphant return to Chicago's art world with an astounding installation in the heart of the city's sparkling downtown art district...

This set runs throughout the winter season until February, so you have plenty of time to go check it out!


Something good you may have missed this year is the rise of Caribou's "Sun". As one of the best electronic soul rock downtempo live jam outfits (!) to ever come out of Canada, Daniel Snaith's mammal-surnamed band has continued to successfully rip the envelope of musical definition. With the album "Swim", and the singles "Sun" and "Odessa," Caribou has maintained their legacy of rock-hop-funk-disco-everything-inspired but nothing all at once dopeness. Check out the party-ready "Odessa" below...

Side note: Be on the lookout for the follow-up track to Anacron+Caribou "2010 (Grow)," coming next week to 2011!


So this freshman college basketball player, Renardo Sidney, apparently may have blown his chance at a career on the court. Not only had he already been suspended for fighting another player in a previous game, but now the kid's been suspended indefinitely for fighting a teammate, and sent back to the 'hood in Los Angeles.

The kid had stats and recognitions, too...

Essentially, this guy may have not only ruined his college (and possibly pro) basketball career, but also lost a free ride to educate himself at a solid institute of education. Any chance of a lucrative future is pretty much a loss at this point.

This is a prime example of when keeping it real goes wrong.


Looks like that reunion with Cam'Ron is working wonders for the progression of more than just Dipset. This is the best song Jimmy's done since "Ballin," and with the pseudo-Nate-Dogged-out hook, it's already been getting some serious play around these parts.


Good LORD!!!

...Merry X-Mas, everybody!

(Katie From the 80's returns with more classy yet sassy nudes next Sunday... Stay tuned!)


In-depth insight into a legendary hip hop producer's mind.


Something new from a face that's been around, but is bound to be an underground favorite for 2011. Keep an eye on this kid, and peep his latest HERE.


You ever wonder where the idea for the original Tron film came from? Yeah, me either. Here it is anyway -- it's actually somewhat interesting.

Originally conceived by MAGI, a government-funded company established in 1966 to plan nuclear fallout transport, or something like that. Within a few years, it had become one of the sole computer graphics companies in the United States, thanks to the development of an in-house program called Synthavision.

Eventually, this newly-formed CGI technology fell into the hands of the evil empire known as Disney (Ha!), and the action sequences for the original Tron film were born shortly thereafter. From there, Synthavision and MAGI laid the groundwork for much of the impressive CGI work that we see in timeless new cinematic masterpieces such as Avatar, Transformers, and Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer.

Okay, scratch that last one, that shit sucked.


The poster boy of Cali-based crew, Machina Muerte, interweaves multiple styles inspired by all sides of his travels in this new heater from his current release, Elecholo. No stranger to the west coast's unique "gangsta vs. underground" hip-hop atmosphere, Mestizo displays this cultural amalgamation perfectly, representing everything from Dickies and Chucks to styles and delivery.

Also check out this clip from the "Let It Spray" EP, released earlier this year; then, check out the entire Machina Muerte crew HERE.


Shut the front door!

If you're any sort of comic book fan, then you've already seen this since it hit the airwaves last week. If not, prepare to have your socks blown off, unless you wear those creepy 1930's sock-suspender-thingys.


Korean crew Beast (sometimes B2ST) sound just as pop-tastic as any other popular poppy pop artist anywhere in the world. Something about their music video catalog gives them a little bit of an edge over the next guy, though -- watch it on mute and you just might like it! Check out a couple more, then find Beast HERE.

Sure, every song sounds like J. Bieb's recorded during a puberty-induced voice-changing moment, but seriously; these videos are BIG. How can you not appreciate that?


2011 tech must have...

The Chrome OS Laptop is officially in the streets, and it is HOT. The thing to remember is that this is by all intents and purposes a NETBOOK, so getting one to run Serato, Word, Pro-Tools and stuff like that is a no-no. However, if you spend the majority of your days on the internet scouring for a bounty of information to keep your business going - this could be the perfect addition to your arsenal of tools, NOT a replacement.


Finally, something new from underground hip hop's original young genius!

Los Angeles based Portland transplant Kruse joins forces with west coast greats Pigeon John and Eligh to serve up another well-rounded burner. This new track is the first release from Kruse's upcoming 2011 EP, which will feature appearances from some of the underground's greatest MC's and even producers, as Kruse steps away from the boards and to the mic this time around.

If you're unfamiliar with Kruse, then it's time to wake the eff up and get to know one of hip hop's brightest, and most well-connected independent MC/producers. Check out his previous critically-acclaimed projects HERE.

...aaaaannnd, just for the visual eff of it, peep this Kruse throwback!


ATTENTION ALL B-BOYS! Pay close attention...

New guys, heed the wise words that Marlon has dropped in this interview, and STOP BITING. Old guys, stop perpetuating the cycle of biting by telling these new guys that there's a "certain way" to break, and that they have to do specific moves in order to be a "real" b-boy!

Let's work together to promote the continued original creation and evolution of BREAKDANCE. The bastardization of this amazing art form must stop! Props to Marlon of Havikoro for being a really REAL B-Boy, and not succumbing to the current trends, or being afraid to speak out against them.

Watch Marlon in action...


No that's not a typo... sATLurdays. You'll understand in a moment, just hold on.

So today we've got to give it up for some youngsters from the dirty south that are doing big things for their own community. A movement forged over the last 3 years by local teenage rap hero J Real, Atlanta's youth descend on the All-American Skate Center in Stone Mountain, GA to lace up their skates and go heavy every Saturday night.

We're always supportive of any youth-inspiring projects, and this is a big one! Check out the video and appreciate the next generation of artists and supporters that are doing something positive for themselves!

Check out the video below, and hear more from the young homie J-Real HERE.


Katie From The 80's is enjoying the rain, so we've got something a little something different for you today...

...featuring the extremely beautiful CARMEN.


Today's mix is new from the Peanut Gallery's DJ Jedi, hot on the heels of his increasingly popular recent release, Prince And Friends.

In the words of DJ Jedi:

"This one features highlights from my second episode of ROOTDOWN RADIO that I recorded for Scion back in 2009 while regular host Music Man Miles was on tour with his band the Breakestra. The show starts with an extended set of Latin treats, followed by some true school hip hop rarities, then ends on a high note with some soul and raw funk with a little bit of turntablism sprinkled in for good measure. All compiled and mixed by yours truly. Enjoy..."


French street artist C215 gets loose on the streets of London.


As always, we're up bright and early with something fresh just for you.

As the holiday season is in full swing, and X-Mas draws nearer, it's only right to spread a little holiday cheer, right? Listen close and you just might hear the Sleigh Bells ringing... and the infinity guitars playing.

This track hits harder than the coal in your stocking.


In case you forgot; this is, in fact, some thug feces, negro.

Ouch! I know he's embarrassed!


This will be the first in a series of posts recapping great artists, music, bboying, videos, visual art, and more that you may have missed in 2010. All posts will be filed under the title, "2010" (in case you miss a day). We're just trying to help you get caught up before the new year!


Further proof that "pimpin these hizzoes" is a legitimate business -- A real-life pimp's handwritten "business plan", as delivered to NPR for their series on human trafficking.

Looks like he forgot to add the most important point of all: "Bitchez ain't shyt but hoez n' trickz." You slippin, slim!


We Have Band is a group that you should already be wildin' over, and their WHB LP is a must have for any true music lover's collection. It's no wonder that one of the best albums of the year also produced one of the best music videos.

These kids are, and always have been. one of the freshest since the beginning. Let's sling a little WHB throwback in here, too:


Props to Navator TV for filming and cutting such great clips.

Videos of good breaking that look good are good.
Ya know?


There's so much great music in the world, that we never intend to repeatedly post about the same artists over and over again.

However, some folks are just so undeniably good at what they do that you can't avoid giving them a little bit more recognition. Take a moment to really analyze these verses and appreciate the fact that the West Coast has produced some seriously high-caliber rap artists over the past few years.


Happy Monday, all you prospective DJ's out there. Take notes!

Non-stop hilarity (and truth), courtesy of The Gallery DeeJays' break king, DJ MTM.


The title of this Monday-morning spank-fest probably got you all riled up and rearing to go - as well as it should, being that this is one of the coolest videos we've seen all year. Directed by Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali for Special Problems, this banger from Naked and Famous's "Passive Me, Aggressive You" is a little bit of a let down, only because we all like too see watch the kind of girl he's singing about. Even without the quick cuts of some broad trying her best to look cute and pull off some Bruhcademy Award winning music video "acting", this musical movie masterpiece more than gets the job done, throwing some of that good old sexy artistic merit in our faces instead.


The Gallery DeeJays dj.AnaRoxSicc blessed us with one of the most timeless DJ mixes ever on "Cleansleeves", a promotional mixtape created for Chicago-based design company Novem Studios back in early 2009. We've re-released this hard-to-find mix to the internet for your streaming pleasure, so please knock it over the weekend, then bookmark it for play in the cubicle on Monday!


So we're usually all fun and games and jokes and vinegar over here, but we like to throw something serious at you at least once in a while.

This is a powerful compilation of Australia's TAC campaign commercials against driving under the influence. Watch it from start to finish without pausing, stopping, fast-forwarding or muting the sound. If you can climb into a vehicle after drinking, smoking, or doing any type of enhancement drugs after that, you need Jesus.

Enjoy the weekend folks, but PLEASE be careful, stay safe, and think smart.
The Gallery loves you!


Alchemist and OhNo unite to create some pretty fresh stuff.


Interesting. Back in the day, the fellas would get together as children, and play pretend games of being assassins. Now it doesn't seem so cool anymore.

This kid Edgar Jimenez, an American citizen, has been arrested as El Ponchis: 14 year old assassin for the Mexican Drug Cartel. Said to have murdered and/or tortured (at least) 4 people, Jimenez and his sister were captured at an airport near Cuernavaca, 50 miles south of Mexico City in Morelos state.

Jimenez and his sister are said to have had damning evidence of their participation in the murders and tortures, and in a statement, El Ponchis claimed to have been "forced" to do it. Whether or not that's true is questionable, being that both he and his sister admitted to being paid not only for the murders, but also for disposing of the bodies of their victims.


Any group called The Rollerskaters is automatically un-wack.

And this one, too.

Lace 'em up and start working on that moonwalk glide!


Guess who's back?

After it's initial, embarrassing failure (due to marketing and a horrendous "no customer service"-service plan), the Google Nexus has returned in the form of the Nexus S, a Samsung-manufactured upgrade of Google's impressive, but short-lived mobile device.

Returning with an interestingly curved glass display that supposedly reduces glare and reflection, the Nexus S will also feature a sleek design, more lightweight body, and most importantly -- real life customer service to accompany the plan offered by the folks at T-Mobile. Nexus lovers far and near will finally be able to speak to an actual HUMAN to address any issues they may have, as opposed to fumbling around on the Google Help forums.

We are avid supporters of Google over here, but come on -- EVERYTHING can't be done on the internet, guys. As soon as Google (and, in an unrelated topic, the underground music consumer) realize this, the union between real and virtual life will be harmonic.


Where to start? This video is outright insane -- but not in a scary, hide-under-bed way. Kudos to Wes Klain and Eric Heights for directing such an awesome piece.

West Coast based hip-hop band Ten G Bob bring back some serious old school flavor in what could possibly be the wildest video we've seen all year. Their most recent full-length album, "Handshakes and Slang" comes off as a charicature-styled tribute to old school party and fun rap, and is definitely the kind of thing you could see blowing up among nostalgic White guys over 30. While it may not appeal to the younger hip-pop fans of today, Ten G Bob's flavor is definitely something fresh that could draw some serious attention over time, and their authentically old-school flavor could be just the thing to fill the void left by Jurassic 5's departure from the industry.

Learn more about Ten G Bob, and preview their album "Handshakes and Slang" HERE.


If you are in Los Angeles neglected to go see the King Fantastic show this past Sunday because of a drizzle shower, you are a fool. In the words of Killa Reese 1, "L.A. niggas fall apart when it's raining... They act like bullets are coming out the sky."

You'll definitely fall apart when you catch the apex of this hype performance, featuring Bleu Collar's Basik MC and the Peanut Gallery's own Anacron. This is the way Los Angeles rap music used to be, and this is the way that the new OG's of the underground scene are bringing it back!


This could possibly be...

...scratch that, definitely IS one of the best music videos of the decade.

Props to Peanut Gallery OG Swaamburger aka Weems and his crew!


Apparently, there's a video game out now that's basically a concept mashup of "Dancing With The Stars" and "Dance Dance Revolution". Sounds terrible, right? The worst part is that it features Americas newest Hero-Now-That-He's-Dead, Michael Jackson! Will the entertainment industry ever just let a muthafucka sleep?

I don't think this is what Ice Cube was referring to when he said, "freakin' niggas every way like MJ..." Aside from being boring and repetitive, the game in no way compares to Michael's original video game adventure, the action-packed Moonwalker on Sega Genesis. Although dancing with a CGI MJ provides an hour of mediocre fun, there's nothing like watching the gloved one beat the shit out of zoot-suited gangsters and saving the kids! Check it out below if you're too young to remember...

The best part is when he threw fairy dust and killed the guy (after kicking another in the balls), then Bubbles made a cameo and jumped on his face (freak-a-leek), and he took out an entire room of thuggers with a spontaneous but simultaneous dance routine (...5-6-7-8), then... Well, just watch it!


New music and video from legendary Chicago underground battle MC, Jah Safe. We first heard of Jah waaaaay back in the 1990's on Anacron's album "The Unheard". Jah appeared then as Habeeb Allah Jenkins on the song "Vegetable Protein," and ripped it just as hard (if not harder) than he ever has.

After that premiere, Jah Safe made a name for himself in and throughout the Chi-Town hip hop scene, smashing open mics and rappers relentlessly until he claimed quite a few trophies (and scalps) at the annual RhymeSpitters MC battle/documentary. Since then, Jah's been focused on his career as an artist, honing his skills as a songwriter and performer in lieu of his rep as a mere battle rapper.

If this song and video is any indication, Jah Safe is sure to hit the world with some amazing music in the very near future, so definitely keep this name and face on your radar!


This one starts off a little slow and chill, but just be patient and LET IT BUILD. Trust -- you will be so glad that you did.

Daps to Belgium-based production/remixing crew Jealov for the amazing set! This one will be bumped repeatedly.


The Los Angeles 2010 Auto Show... Car enthusiasts, drool now.


Rock from Heltah Skeltah gives it up for the West Coast over this classic 2Pac track.


Remember those news stories about the kids cartoons in Japan causing seizures? This video had to have been inspired by those cartoons. Great song, amazing video, glad to have shown you something new.


Looks like we've got another rapper reaching for that ever-elusive Bruhcademy Award. With the release of Killer Mike's 12-minute-long epic film (I mean, mini-movie), you're sure to receive more expletives, n-bombs, hood colloquialisms, and urban negroid stereotypes than you'd ever be able to shake a stick at. Through it all though, I bet someone will learn a "lesson", and become a better man from it -- sadly, that most likely won't be any of the film's viewers.

This film brought to you by Breilhaus Entertainment and Jokes Films. Be on the lookout for the brand new album from Killer Mike entitled PL3DGE in early 2011 from Grind Time / Grand Hustle.


Sooooo, yet another breaking jam ends in controversy due to a questionable outcome. Is it bad judging, politics, blindness, or easy kid props? You be the judge -- watch this battle, and form your own opinion. Skill Methods on the left of the screen, Knuckleheadz on the right. Who won it, folks?

Side note: To all event planners and organizers, please stop booking WACK DJ's at bboy jams, just because of their crew affiliation or their name in "the scene". How can a function centered around beats feature sound selection from persons incapable of blending beats? Contact us, the Gallery DeeJays will hold down your next set the correct way.


OH MAH GAWD, you like, totally have to watch this all-new never-seen-before footage from MTV! Click the player then press "PLAY" below to view the ultimate epic kewlness!!!

SIIIIIIIIIIKE!!! YEAH, not really!

Come on, now. If you have EVER read this blog before, you already know better than to expect some BS like that. We don't do Tricki Miraj, Brake, Lil Wang, Yawnye Breast, or any of that other Hip-Pop shit over here.

Instead of chasing pink-haired plastic pickaninnys, try wrapping your mind around lyrical content from some truly adept female MC's. THIS IS REAL RAP, kids; listen and learn:


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